Young citizens of impact

The Young citizens of impact project creates opportunities for young people to learn about civic engagement and get involved. Whether it’s to raise awareness of the importance of public participation or to support their involvement in their community, the project mobilizes hundreds of young people from Quebec and French-speaking Canada on a variety of current issues.

The project’s ambition is to enable young people to address the issues of diversity and inclusion, as well as that of official languages. It also aims to equip them to develop their citizenship skills.


Call for projects 

Young citizens of impact is an opportunity for young people from all regions of Quebec to deepen their commitment by creating initiatives that have an impact in their community!

The INM is inviting young people to organize awareness-raising activities on one the following themes: 

  • Creativity, arts and culture;

  • Cultural heritage and celebrations;

  • Sports;

  • Diversity and inclusivity;

  • Official languages.

The projects can take many forms : debates, discussions or workshops to raise awareness, meetings with experts, conferences, ideation workshops and many more!

The INM team will offer personalized assistance (mentoring, sharing of resources and support) to project leaders throughout the development and implementation of their project, in addition to offering financial support.

You have until August 27, 2023 to submit a project.

Please note that the projects will be evaluated as they are submitted to allow applicants to get started as soon as possible.

Do you have a project idea?

À propos de l’INM

The Institut du Nouveau Monde or INM is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) whose mission is to promote citizen participation in the democratic life of Québec. Activities of the INM are rooted in the core concepts of social justice and inclusion, respect for democratic values and the principles of sustainable development, in a spirit of open-mindedness and innovation. In its activities, the INM adopts a structured, deliberative three-pronged approach to contemporary issues: making needed information available, fostering informed debate and bringing forward proposals for positions or action.

Personne ressource

If you have questions or wish to take part in the activity organization in your community, please contact Melissa Alili, project manager at

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Youth citizenship impact is aimed at young people from all over the province of Quebec.

Yes, it’s possible to submit a project that’s already underway if it corresponds to one or more of the proposed themes.

Financial support

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