Call for projects – Young citizens of impact

Young citizens of Impact is an opportunity for the 2019 Summer School participants to continue their commitment by creating initiatives that will have an impact within their community! You have until October 9th, 2019 to submit a project idea.

If you participated in the latest edition of the Summer School, you’re invited to organize awareness-raising activities on two specific themes: diversity and inclusion and reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

You can organize awareness workshops, meetings with experts, conferences, ideation workshops, debates and more!

The objectives are:

  • to continue the discussions started during the Summer School;
  • to sensitize other young people to issues of diversity, inclusion and reconciliation;
  • to connect young people and encourage the creation of committed networks.
Do you have a project idea or an ongoing project ?
You don’t have a specific idea but would like to get involved !

What does living together mean ?

As part of the Jeunes citoyens et citoyennes d’impact project supported by Canadian Heritage, we asked 10 people to share their definition of living together. Here’s the result!

Mentoring and support

Those organizing an event will be fortunate to be supported by 4 organizations: INM, Mikana, Canadian Roots Exchange and L’Esplanade. These 4 organizations will guide you all the way through, sharing their expertise, while also offering technical support. and financial support to help you lead your project.

The activities organized as part of Young Citizens of Impact project will have to be completed before March 31st, 2020. Participants will be invited to participate in support meetings (4 to 5). We strongly encourage youth from Indigenous communities and youth from racialized communities to come forward with projects that address issues of diversity, inclusion and reconciliation.

A first ideation session will take place the week of October 14th for those who will have answered the call for projects.

Steering Committee

A steering committee made up of 10 committed young people will offer its support!


Financial support
Patrimoine Canada

Frequently Asked Questions


Si vous avez des questions ou si vous souhaitez participer à l’organisation d’une activité dans votre établissement scolaire ou dans votre région,
n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec Sami Ghzala, Chargé de projet.

1 877 934-5999, poste 223


La participation citoyenne renforce la démocratie. Embarquez avec nous!

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