Early Childhood Education Commission 

Québec’s Family Policy will turn 20 in 2017. This will be an excellent opportunity to prepare a survey of early childhood education in Quebec and forge a collective vision of its future.

The Commission is an initiative of the Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance (AQCPE), a network of social economy businesses. To ensure the Commission’s neutrality, AQCPE asked l’Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM)—an NPO supporting citizen participation in democratic governance—to oversee Commission operations and provide it with office space.

Commission Chair André Lebon will also ensure the project’s independence. He will be assisted by two commission members—Ms. Martine Desjardins and Me. Pierre Landry—in fulfilling his functions and in producing a report that includes a survey of the situation and recommendations on early childhood education in Québec.

The Commission’s goals are to:

  • Build awareness among, mobilize and hear a broad stakeholder base (citizens, parents, different social sectors, the business community, political decision-makers, experts and scientists).
  • Underscore the important stakes involved in providing education to Quebec’s young children.
  • Make recommendations, select public policy strategies and identify opportunities for initiatives within Québec society.
  • Propose a path forward for Québec.

The Travelling Commission will meet these goals by stimulating social dialogue on the quality, accessibility, universality and governance of preschool daycare services, with a focus on equal access by all children, as stipulated in Québec’s 1997 family policy.

This survey by the Early Childhood Education Commission will focus on the child’s needs, rather than work-life balance and in so doing, see if Quebec’s stated commitment to its kids has materialized over the past few years.

Commission activities will occur in three phases:

PHASE 1: INFORMATION (September 2016)

  1. Publication of a consultation document.
  2. Public Hearing with Experts (by invitation, October 12-13, 2016, in Montréal).

PHASE 2: CONSULTATION PROCESS (October/November/December 2016) 

  1. Open call for papers.
  2. Online poll of parents.
  3. Consultation tour through 14 cities (afternoon sessions with groups/associations and evening “town hall meetings).”
  4. Province-wide public hearing in Montréal, for provincial players (December 6-7).

PHASE 3: PROPOSAL (winter-spring 2017)

  1. Deliberation and assessment.
  2. Presentation of the Commission’s report to the public and stakeholders during an Early Childhood Summit aimed at a final found of public deliberations (May 4 & 5, 2017).
  3. Submission of final recommendations to the Québec government.

A Scientific Committee, representing a broad-based approach to research on early childhood, will ensure the quality and objectivity of information generated in Phase 1.

For more information on how to participate, please write to commissionpetiteenfance@inm.qc.ca or call Sarah Sultani, at the Institut du Nouveau Monde at 514-934-5999, ext. 229.


Early Childhood Education Commission

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